12-Pack = Makes 48 gallons

(One year supply!)

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E-lyteSport = Performance

Specially formulated for athletes, E-lyteSport is the ultimate electrolyte replenishment drink available today.

So that athletes and those that endure extreme physical performance can avoid significant and impairing electrolyte losses, sodium depletion and muscle cramping. E-lyteSport is perfectly designed to address the problem of cramping and the potential loss of an athlete that could not handle the extremes of temperature and high-performance workouts. If you’re in training, a coach, or a trainer, you owe it to yourself and your athletes to check out E-lyteSport… Read More

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Bottle Size

33.8 fl oz

How Much Can It Make?

1 bottle makes 4 gallons.
This order includes 12 bottles, so it can create 48 gallons.

How Many Bottles Are Included?


Suggested Use

Mix 8 oz. of concentrate in 1 gallon water (2 oz. per glass). Drink one or more servings before and after workout. Also can be used during times of increased stress, such as during flu or pollen season. Rebalancing electrolytes can help offset over indulgences. E-lyteSport is a super saturated solution in which crystallization may occur. This will not materially affect the mineral value.

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